My local feed store is getting 5100 chicks in next Friday


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Jan 18, 2008
Conway SC
Yes I said 5100 baby chicks in.I know they usually get a lot in but I had no idea it was that much.They give you 6 free pullets for every 100lbs of start and grow you buy.I think Purina helps sponser the event with them because they have a couple of reps there.Somebody please help me restrain myself.
I may go crazy and have to move in with one of you guys cause my wife will have my hide.
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Pullets are usually around 2.25 or so and straight run about 1.75.He had some black sex link roosters the other day for .75
The feedstore in Murphy, NC, also gets chicks from Ideal, but always straightrun-cheap,though. They have pullet days, but only sell three breeds. One pullet breed for Pullet Day is Buff Orp and I was tempted, but I'm hatching some from Jody Hinkle and I'd rather have the larger Buff Orps that still have their broody tendencies intact.
Same here, Arucana's(that can lay a blue/green/and sometimes pink egg, but that is for another thread)were $7 and everything else was more, $10 for a BB turkey poult.
Even though he gets lots of chicks in he mainly just gets the best egg layers cause that's what the people want.RIR's, Production Reds,Barred Rocks,and all the sex links and cornish crosses.Every know and then you will see some SLW or Buff Orps.
Yup, her turkey poults are also $10. I like to give her some business because she does help me sell my extra roosters when she has space for them. Plus she does care about the birds alot. She does order all sexed pullets, except bantams, of course, and lots of breeds and gets them almost every month of the year.
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That's nice cause once chick days are over he may get a couple of more orders but then it's over with.If you want anything else you have to order or hatch.
Its a pretty neat deal, he calls it customer appreciation day and they feed you hot dogs,hamburgers both days.

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