My mom goose is doing better here is her progress so far.


So a few weeks ago I post that I had a goose that was not doing well and couldn't walk. Now here is the progress of my mom goose so far.
My mom goose is doing well after a week or so of goose therapy is what I call it. That's physical therapy for a goose. Her progress started out slow on days 1-3 of putting her in the swimming pool of goose physical therapy. She started to move one leg and prune her feathers. On days 4-8, not much progress happened. On day 9 she was back in the pool and I took her out after doing some excises and she was almost able to stand on her own accept for a few falls and she uses her wings for support. On day 10 she slowly started a walk with a hobbly from the chicken coop to the pool about a few feet away. Her poo is a little better it not runny and she wants to be in the water a lot more now and she able to spread out her webbed feet. On days 10-12 I help her stand but she tries to walk on her own for a little bit only a few steps though then she lays down. When I can I well take some pics and post them. As of now, this is my progress on goose physical therapy. I believe this might work for her and I hope and pray it dose so I don't have to put her down because I can't afford a vet.

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That’s great to hear she’s doing better. Any way you can go to TSC and get the Duvet liquid BComplex for her that water therapy and 1 ml of liquid B complex daily may help even more.


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I read your other post, it looked like she had some sort of severe respiratory infection, what were/are all of her symptoms?

Was she and is she coughing?

Also in your other post you took some photos of her leg, was there an issue with the legs? An injury? Was she not able to extend or move them then?

Also what feed are they eating?

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