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She had to pick me up waterers for the chickens. she got me 4 (which I asked for) for $1.95 each. I think she is planning to get me another incubator because she saw one for $42 (could be the LG?) We go there in 17 more days to pick up chicks
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OMG!!! My DH finds some reason to go to TSC every day. Always brings something home. He is addicted to the place. Last night I actually had to tell him he could not go. I mean GEEZ, they are going to start charging him rent he's there so much.
LOL! She said she was upset they did not have chicken wire. We have a home depot nearby so it dont matter really.

airmom, I know. She did not care that I have a bunch of eggs comming in. When we move I may buy another bator or ask for one for my b-day.

Hopefully on the 17th there will be alot of chicks at TSC. Since I dont have a car and only one car is being used. we may get there around 7pm and I can buy alot. I got $20.00 ready for TSC
I have to add a brag to TSC...

A little off topic but...

We rescued 13 dogs that the owners moved off and abandoned. It was 30 days before anyone knew they were there. They were eating dead carcasses and drinking from an open ses-pool. Obviuosly we were not financially able to add 13 unhealthy dogs to our list of mouths to feed, but we could not watch them die. I went to the manager at our local TSC to request maybe a discount on the things they would need, vaccines, food, wormer, etc... He responded by asking what things were at the top of my "wish list". I handed it to him and he began loading things up and then went to the register. As I am worrying aout if I have enough money for everything he has loaded up, he instructs the cashier to price change every item to one cent. The grand total was .17!!!!!!! Then they would not allow me to pay that and he and the cashier argued over which one was going to pay it. I stood there in tears!

I have since taken some of the dogs to visit them and thank them for their generosity! They love to see them coming in and all fawn over them. Now that they are ready to be adopted I have to give weekly updates on who hasnew hmes and who is still looking, everytime I go in. All of the employees there have truely become part of our extended family!

They will have my business for LIFE!

That is a very touching story
. I been to agway and people dont know much there but at our TSC I talked to a guy who had incubated eggs and knows alot about chicks. I love TSC and will never go to any other store but them. I cant wait to go on the 18th to pick up some chicks. How many dogs are left? I hope they get good homes and have a happy healthy life

5 adult chi-weenies, 4 girls and one boy; 2 of the girls were pregnant, one lost all of her babies, but the other delivered 4 babies three weeks ago and they are thriving so far. So when momma weans her babies they will be ready and she will too.
Also one medium size heeler/lab mix female. So total of 6 still looking for homes and in about a month mom and her babies will be ready.

We don't have Agway here, but our local TSC is not carrying any chicks. Only by order. But we do have Atwoods and Lumber 2 they both carry chicks. Atwoods just runs them all together but Lumber 2 has specific breeds.

I know about waiting for days to pass...that should be close to when my eggs should hatch (I hope). This is our first hatch and we are using brodys so I am hopin' an prayin' we have done everything right. So we both have the 18th to look forward to!
Hi Sara,

Its the one in sussex county NJ. She said she looked all over and asked and they said they dont sell. We still have one in flanders NJ we can go to or a home depot.


I am sorry she lost her litter. We lost a bunch to parvo last year and most made it. I lost cujo to it and I am still sad. If I dont keep buddy the black lab (he is untrainable but I think he can go up if I can train him) I may go for anoter pittbull. We will se what happens though.

I hope they all have good homes

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