my muskovy duckling is limping

karin krumin

6 Years
Sep 16, 2013
(skyway) seattle WA
i got 2 new Muskovy ducklings a few weeks ago at a auction. the get along with all the call ducks chickens and even roosters. This evening I went out and noticed my girl muskovy is now limping and do's not wanna walk. I brought her inside and offered her water and food she only ate a little once i brought her male in side with her. What should i do and where should i keep her?? they are the biggest birds in my back yard and no one picks on them. I love my muckovy and saved them from being someones dinner. now my girl is hurt.
So i have brought both ducklings inside so that the female could have company. She is still limping but she is also drinking and has eaten very little, what should i do??? Do i keep her inside for a couple days or should i let her back out in the yard with the other birds like usual?
well... i am not sure but the foot of your muskovy is probably just broken or sprained if you always keep food and water within reach of your duck the foot may knit on its own
so just keep your fingers crossed
This is an older thread, but just in case someone comes across it... Sometimes limping in ducks can be caused by a niacin deficiency. Here is a great link about it:

A good solution is to get brewers yeast and supplement their food with it. I bought ours at the feed store, where it is sold for horses. I then just sprinkled some over their food whenever I filled it.

OP, any news on your duck?
i do not have a problem with my Muscovys but that is good to know in case it does happen i really appreciate it looks like someone has done their good turn

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