My mutt babies, roo or hens?! Please... **Updated pics on page 2**


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Sep 2, 2011
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Ok my chickens look smaller then all these others I am seeing of ya'lls on here for their age. I was told when I bought them they were between 2-4 weeks old back in July, now it's September & they still look really small compared to other's that are 10-14 weeks... (They should be somewhere around 3 months old, we figured out...) What does everyone think? Please help. In my previous post I was told that our white one is a roo & that they are all mix breeds...



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Personally I pasture my birds from whenever they are out of the brooder right into adulthood. Therefore, even though they have access to mash, they are smaller then birds of similar age that my friend's who use 100% raise. But mine reach the same adult size, it just takes a little longer. MW
Oh ok. Ya they spend most of their day in their run now that they are out of their "mini coop"/brooder we had them in. We fill their feeder every other day/daily as needed & they run around too, so maybe that's why they are smaller...
That one barred rock looks like it still has baby fuzz on its neck. Mine are 6 weeks old today and look slightly larger than this. My barred rocks also have no more baby fuzz on their necks.
All they need to do is get bigger!!
So maybe her & the other 2 black/grey ones are only about 8-10 weeks? I can't find a pic from when I bought them... This is what sux about the fact that we bought them from just a local feed store... I think the only good thing about them (besides that we love them!) is that they came vaccinated already...
Can't help with the age, other than they're young.

I don't know if you want to know this, but I believe I see at least 3 boys(including the white one).
Hope I'm wrong.
Looks like maybe all roosters except the darker barred one. They seem much smaller than my barreds were at 3 months, but mine were fed chick starter from day 1 and do not free range. If they seem happy and healthy, no worries.
Fingers crossed we didn't end up w/ all roo's but 1... We originally bought 7 (4 white & 3 black) but 3 of our white babies didn't make it in the very beginning. I think something may have been up w/ them when we bought them... So to you just the barred mix is a hen? That's what I was afraid of...

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