My name is Beth ( chickenhugger22) and I am addicted to chickens and turkeys!


7 Years
Oct 26, 2012

By way introduction, my hubby and I have 5 acres in Oklahoma. We are trying to become as self sufficient as possible an our chickens are a big part of that. I love everything about chickens! My husband says I need a 12 step program. :( Right now we are starting over after a rough summer of bobcat and hawk attacks. Until I catch the bobcat, my new flock is confined to a fence pen with netting over it. We want to get back to free ranging in the spring. I am excited to learn from other members and share what I can.
Greetings from Kansas, Beth, and
! Happy you joined our community. I'm always encouraged to see another person going for a more self-sufficient lifestyle. Sorry to hear about your early run-ins with predators - a costant threat! I wish you the best with your new flock!!!
to the flock, from NC. We too are striving for self sufficiency. We have chickens and ducks, going to begin setting up rain barrels/rain catching systems and an expanded garden (next spring) and so on.

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