My name is Cassidy, and I am doing my best to raise two baby chicks.


Aug 28, 2019
My first experience with chickens started with 4, 2 adults, 2 babies. I had a very positive experience and they seemed happy and content. After they died I waited awhile and eventually my boyfriend and I decided to get more. Only 2 this time. They are cinnamon queen chickens, both about a week old. They don't seem afraid of me, and they warmed up quickly. I don't own them for eggs, nor meat. I simply have them as pets since my last experience went very well. I have them under a heat lamp so far with food and water. They love to go outside and dig through the pine needles
Hello and welcome to BYC. I hope that you enjoy your time here. Good luck with your chicks.

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Best wishes

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