My neighbor just dropped by...


10 Years
Aug 20, 2009
East Central VA
She was looking for her chickens, namely her hen who hasn't been seen in a few days. The neighbor who just moved in between us SHOT her rooster because it was crowing and they haven't seen their hen since.
I feel so bad for this girl and her kids
And not really liking this new neighbor either
Her white hen disappeared after we had gathered up the 2 mutts in custody now so I know I didn't get it. I offered to pick up a few chicks for them when I go into town next week and she decided not to get any more until hunting season was done. I've extended an offer for free chicks once she's ready, told her to give me about 4 months then let me know and I'll put some in the bator.

And unfortunately there isn't much we can do to the neighbor, the chickens free range in her front yard and were technically strays the second they stepped into his. Same thing happened with my dogs last year, they've were shot at just because they were running down the road after some kid opened my gate. And as long as they use a pellet gun they are legal

I tell you one thing, this guy EVER shoots anything I own he's going to unleash one nasty person on his butt.

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