My neighbors very persistent rooster! (Need help being diplomatic!)

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    I'm not sure if this is where this should go, if its in the wrong spot- please move it!

    My neighbor to the back (perpendicular to my property), Mr.B, has a large flock of chickens with at least 3 roosters. To the best of my understanding, they free-range 24/7 (by the sound of things!). There's a fence between his property line and those that lie on my street, perpendicular to his. I know, without a doubt, that there's a hole somewhere in the fence between his and my immediate next door neighbors' yard because Mr.B's chickens are *always* in the yard next door and, consequently, they're always trying to get into *my* yard too.

    I've got a fence between my yard & my next door neighbors yard, mostly to keep my chickens in and Mr B's chickens out. Its worked fine all summer. His chickens stayed in my neighbors yard, mine stayed in my yard and the two flocks ignored each other... until I rehomed my rooster. My girls are still staying in, Mr B's junior-man-on-the-totem-pole roo? Not so much. [​IMG] I havent figured out how he's doing it, but he's finding his way through the fence & into my yard and is VERY interested in my girls. I must chase him out of my yard 4 times per day and even as I type... it looks like its gonna be 5 times today...

    *excuse me for a sec!*

    Honestly- I dont *really* mind too much. He seems like a nice rooster and, despite his best and most flattering attempts, my girls totally ignore him. I wouldnt even mind adopting him if he didnt have a piercing, nails on the chalkboard, goes-right-through-you sort of crow that he does ALL day. But, the fact of the matter is- he's not my chicken, he's not my responsibility, and I sort of like not having a rooster to worry about shushing in the morning (or turning mean and attacking my son!).

    I'm not totally sure how to handle this, tho. I dont want to complain- mostly because I suspect that my immediate next door neighbor isnt thrilled to have Mr B's chickens in his yard all the time (judging by his attitude when he brought me 3 brown eggs he'd found in his shed one day, thinking they were mine- my girls are EE's). I dunno if he has complained to Mr B- but if he has, I dont want to fan a potential fire or be seen as a whiney, problem neighbor, especially considering that I have chickens, too. Even though mine are kept securely (or so I thought!) in my yard- I may need a favor one day kwim? (Also, I am secretly coveting his black, white, red & green EE roo so much that I'm considering asking if I can borrow him for a few weeks next spring... why cant HE be the one sneaking into my yard?!?!).

    OTOH- if my next door neighbor raises enough of a stink with the right people at some point, it may not bode well for either Mr B or myself, kwim? Especially considering that, according to my deed, I'm technically not supposed to have "livestock".

    Is there a way to mention this without seeming like I'm complaining?
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    I would tactfully talk to Mr. B and let him know that you're worried that the neighbor is going to report all the chickens if they're not confined. I'd let him know what you were doing to confine yours and ask him what he's doing to confine his. Let him know that his rooster has managed to "escape" from his house and you don't want animal control coming to confiscate such a lovely rooster........
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    Quote:X 2 [​IMG]
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    Okay... I dont mind him hanging out with my girls during the day, but crowing his fool head off, under my window, at 6am is going to be a problem. [​IMG]

    I had to leave yesterday afternoon. Instead of avoiding me like he usually does, he just followed my girls into the coop like he lived there when I called everyone in. It took me 10mins to get him out! Then, I was watching him as I was getting ready to leave. It was pouring rain and he kept pacing around the run like he wanted IN. I felt bad enough for him that I considered letting him stay, but didnt want to encourage him, kwim?

    So- I called my neighbor & left a message that his bird was in my yard. He was gone when I got home. He doesnt *look* like he spent the night in my yard (considering the rain, wind and freezing temps this morning), but I cant be sure that he didnt find somewhere to hide in the woods.

    I feel bad for this little guy! I dont want him to get eaten or killed, but I dont really want a rooster, either.

    ... and now he's back again. Time to make another phone call. Oy!

    Mr B has *at least* 2 other roos & this one is definitely the junior of the group. Is he just going off & looking for his own harem (namely mine, since they dont have a roo right now)? Is that what this is all about? He never came this close when I still had my roo.

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    Quote:Yep - he's looking for his own little piece of heaven. He's probably getting notta' over at his place, since he's low man. YOUR situation is ideal (from a rooster's perspective).
    I doubt your neighbor is going to contain his birds. Now, he may dispose of the rooster if you complain often enough, but that can make for an uncomfortable neighbor situation. You could make the rooster disappear, either by dispatching or finding someone in the country willing to take it. Not sure what lengths you're willing to go to... I guess it depends on what's more important, maintaining a good neighbor relationship, maintaining a low profile, or peace and quiet for you and your girls...???

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    thats what hes doing, no roo=fair game. Unless you can plug the hole in the fence and make sure he can't jump over he will keep coming over. If that can't happen what I would do is if you're going to have a roo either way you might as well ask your neighbor if you can buy that EE roo you have your eye on. Once that banshe of a roo sees that the candy store isn;t giving out free samples he should stay in his yard.
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    Catch him and clip his wings so that he can't fly OVER the fence and patch any holes he may be walking through. Then toss him back in the neighbor's yard. If you really want to get rid of him....

    Personally, I would just adopt him, but crowing doesn't bother me. He needs a better life, complete with girls, and that's why he's hanging around.
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    I was thinking offering to help your neighbor find and fix the hole in the fence. Tell him you want to keep up good relations in the neighborhood and will happily take on that task to ensure that the visitor stays home. And that you have a purebred flock and do not want stray genes showing up. And by the way would he like a dozen eggs? [​IMG]
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    Quote:dito that!
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    Quote:dito that!

    Sounds like a good idea to me......Pop

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