My New and Improved Chicken Coop :)


8 Years
Aug 8, 2012
My Coop
My Coop
Here is my Amish Built Building that i bought for my chickens, it is a 8ft x 8ft building with 6 nesting boxes and a perch, it also has a 12" wind turbine... My coop is not yet done yet, i still have a long list of things to do but its comeing along fast and i have about 22 chickens.....Here is my pictures of them

Here is the front of my Building...

Here is the side of my building...

Here is the back, where they come out at...

Now here are pictures of the inside that my husband and I made and also my homemade light! :) we are also going to be make a homemade feeder and water with PVC pipe and watering nipples and a cooler, will post pictures of them once they are done!

Here is now the outside of the area and the old building will be torn down and then there will be a 45 pound test nilon net that will go over the whole area........ I hope that you like my place.

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WaaHoo Sweet looking coop.
Very nice coop! You could leave the little building for shade and somewhere to sit around under if that is what you mean by old coop.
Toast N Jelly... that's funny cuz that's what i did, i came on here to post the picture of it and show u all how it looks :) great mind think alike lol and i am very happy with the way it came out i hope that u all like it to :) Poulettes thank you i do love my light i tho it was pretty neat !!!!

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I absolutely LUV the homemade light. Only chicken lovers can appreciate what they are looking at when they see it. Anyone else would assume it is an odd weather tight fixture.

Great job!
well thank you i really do appreciate that and yes i do love my idea and I'm trying to go with a old look to it with the light and metal signs and so far it's looking really great

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