My new Babies I got friday from Ugly Duckling! and a few some others

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    May 4, 2008
    I went to a swap/flea market on friday and met ugly duckling! I had a wonderful time and ugly duckling is a sweet heart and she has wonderful Babies! I am so proud of them I want to show them off so here they are!

    Heres my Buff Brahma babies! I named them Sassy (Left) and Big Daddy (Middle) and Shashie (Right) they are just so sweet!

    And Heres my new Muscovy babies!
    I named this one Whisper

    And this one Wind

    and I didn't get these from Ugly Duckling but Heres a few of my new silkies! They came from a abusive home and have not had a chance and have been living on rotten molded maggot bread from dumpsters and was kept in a bird cage so mind you they don't look great and this was the day I got them so I believe with good feed and wormer and vitamins these guys will be wonderful and they are so sweet and friendly! They are just shy of laying age and theres 5 birds - 2 boys 3 girls.
    Blizzard AKA Blizz is one of my Silkie boys!

    Heres Luna my only black silkie girl

    Heres Icey one of the White girls

    I haven't got a picture of Snowflake and Frosty but they look just like blizz and Icey same color and quality and all.

    Hope you enjoy!
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    Jul 16, 2009
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    Leah those Brahams are GORGEOUS!!! I am glad to see you are rebuilding your flock... I know how much you love them!

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