My new babies*updated with new pic*


8 Years
Mar 17, 2011
My silkie is such a good momma she hatched out all 4 of her and her sister's eggs and hopefully the 2 turken eggs that still have a few days before hatch. I think the dad's are my rumpless Aracona's and maybe my Ameracana. Chicks #1,#2,#3 are marked up like my Aracona's(I cant never spell this breed) were when they were chicks and #4 has no spots yet. They all have 5 toes like their moms, chicks 1 & 2 have yellow legs and one chick #3 has greenish black legs and chick #4 has black legs. They are all super friendly and super active and Rose doesn't mind if we handle them. This is my silke cross crew.

my hubby just sent this to me. Look real close at mom's wing someone is playing peek a boo

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