My new babies!!!


9 Years
Feb 21, 2010
Duvall, WA
I had to show pictures of my new babies! This is my first flock, I got them last Saturday. They are 5 days old in the pictures and they're SO cute! The yellows are Buff Orpingtons and the two black ones are Barred Rocks. I love them and I can't wait to watch them grow up!





Are you SURE they are Buff Orpingtons? They look a little too yellow to be BO's to me. BO's usually have more of a buff-colored fuzz even as little chicks. By comparison, if you look at my pic below, you will see 3 BO's who are 1-month old. In the front is a yellow chick who turned out to be white as an adult, and in between two of the older BO's is a little BO chick with her back to us. You can see that she is buff colored even at this age, compared to the yellow chick....
I'm pretty positive they are... I got them through Seattle Tilth and they had a lot of information about where they came from so I'm assuming they are what they say they are

They are a bit darker in person, I was having weirdness with the combination of the room lighting and the camera's flash. I guess we'll see what they turn out to be as they get older!
They are precious babies!!! And they are going to be beautiful ladies as well! Have fun and keep posting photos, please. Love to see those BARRED ROCKS!!!
My BO were a pretty peach color as babies and my yellow chicks turned out to be white rocks. As a first time poultry person, I was surprised at how some colors changed. The black stars ended up having orange feathers around the neck that looks like a fancy necklace.
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