My new babies


6 Years
Jul 23, 2013
Surprise Arizona
I went and got a couple more Buff ducks to replace the 1 I lost to the snake. Yep that's what I said. I got a COUPLE more. ;-) Well you can never just buy 1 right? I know I only lost 1 but it's my excuse for getting 2. LOL ;-) I think my husband is beginning to realize he is fighting a loosing battle. I'm CRAZY about my chickens and ducks. So my 2 magpies (Maggie & Pii) has now turned into 2 coco Moran chicks (CoCoa & Marian), 2 Buff Orpington chics (Orpie and Annie), and now 3 Buff ducklings. Add that to my 4 month old production red (Henny Penny), and Americana (Chicken Little), adult Americana (Sweetie), RIR (Little Red), New Hampshire Red (Julius) who is my Drake's sweettie, he follows her everywhere since he lost his mate. She is a big Girl so she doesn't seem to mind. He doesn't know what to do about the little ducklings. He has tried to get to know the Magpies but they are still to small and afraid of him. They are growing quick though so that should change soon. In the mean time Drake thinks he is a chicken.
My New Hampshire Red (Julius) finally laid me an egg and it was a BIG one.She had quit laying after BIG RED got snagged by the coyotes. I'm kind of thinking that she has probably been laying them somewhere out in the yard but I haven't found it yet. I put some crates with hay in them and she took right to the first one I put out. Go figure. So hopefully she will keep laying where I can find them now.

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