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My new babies

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Rickmoe96, Feb 25, 2015.

  1. Rickmoe96

    Rickmoe96 New Egg

    May 18, 2014
    One of my one year old hens is sitting on some eggs and today was day 21. When I checked on her I heard little chirps coming from underneath her. I know there is at least one little one and I'm hoping more to come. The nest box is about 18 inches off the ground and there are 8 other hens and a rooster in the same coop. Should I move the whole box with mom and babies in it closer to the floor and/or another location all together for safety?
  2. familyfarm1

    familyfarm1 Overrun With Chickens

    Jun 9, 2013
    Northern Virginia
    Congratulations! As long as the flock and the rooster don't hurt or peck at the chicks when the look up from mom or try to come out they should be fine, but I would keep an eye on them.
  3. song of joy

    song of joy Chillin' With My Peeps

    Apr 22, 2012
    Central Pennsylvania
    After the hatch, it would probably be safest to move mom and chicks to their own space. Sometimes other hens in the flock will peck and kill baby chicks. It really depends on the flock, how protective mom is, and how able she is to keep an eye on all the chicks at the same time.
  4. Rickmoe96

    Rickmoe96 New Egg

    May 18, 2014
    Thank you for the advice!!!!

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