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    My wife and I should be closing on our new house next week. We are moving from Houston to Rhome, TX where we are buying a double wide on an acre. I am not brand new to raising chickens but I am certainly a novice. I have been lurking on these forums for quite a while and even raised six RIR chicks in a yard that was really too small for them.

    Now, I come to you asking what would you do with my new back yard? I plan to raise enough chickens to be able to have an endless supply of eggs for about 5 people and sell eggs, hatching eggs, and chicks to supplement the costs of raising the chickens. I have no grand illusions of actually making money with this. I would want an absolute max capacity of 20 adult chickens- 12 ideally.

    Things I am looking for opinions on:
    Coop and run- How big? Where?
    Septic system- I have never had one. Are gardens okay? How close or far away do they need to be?
    I want to build a cinder block bbq pit. Where would you put it.
    If this were your property what else would you do with the yard?

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    Coop 4 sq ft per bird run 10 sq ft per bird. I like both connected and roofed. Use 19g hardware cloth 1/2 inch for run or covering windows etc.

    I like the coop behind garage. It can be built onto garage and accessed from garage through door or just behind. You can also connect both with breeze way.

    Gardens ok. Do not put anything over a septic system. My gardens are behind my coop and close enough the girls can eat the bugs and some fresh herbs or greens too.

    BBQ pit hoping this is wood fired, you can put at my house. Haha! Just kidding. Definately behind the deck with room for seating around it but not over septic system. I might use stone or brick for pit. Sometimes people will post on FB stone or brick free to a good home if u pick up. Might look for block there too if set on block.

    Extras landscaping around the house with shrubs or perennials that will come back year after year indigenous to your area. Couple shrubs with few perennials by the driveway entrance to mark and around mailbox.

    Can we have a horse shoe pit or corn hole area?

    List your location in your profile. This helps when giving more specific information.
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    If you plan to raise your own chicks, that means you will need a rooster. Double check that they are allowed in your area. Some places don't zone agricultural below a certain acreage, and if you have one acre, your neighbors are within earshot of a rooster crow. Will that cause problems or are roosters OK?
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    Roosters are good.
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    Thanks for your detailed reply! I like where you are going with this. I am going to check with the neighbors regarding chickens as this is close to there house.
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