My new chickens arent laying


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5 Years
Mar 24, 2014
Three weeks ago I bought three white Plymouth rock hens at laying age,
the hens had already layed but since they have bin at my house their hasn't
been a single egg. They look really healthy and are eating well
I have no idea why they haven't layed yet.
Thanks for the suggestions
My guess is that they are still recovering from the stress of moving and the change in surroundings. New birds added to a flock often take a couple of weeks or even more before they lay.
Depends on what part of the world you are in and what your coop set up consists of. I am in Ohio & fall is here. We have seen a significant decline in egg production ( as we do every fall ). Our chickens are going through molt and we do not have a light in our coop. Hens need 12 hours of light to make an egg. Temperature also has a lot to do with it. And make sure they have access to clean water always. My girls will start popping out eggs like crazy in the spring. Hope that helps.

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