My new coop ???

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Mar 13, 2009
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we are building a new coop 10x16. 10x11 will be for the hens and 10x5 will be for feed and storage. want to know some stuff like how high for roost and how far apart from each other. how high for the nesting box, what kind of water/feeders would work the best. we will have about 25 hens in it. I will add pics soon. thanks


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Oct 18, 2007
I think roost & nest height depends on the breed......
Lighter birds get a higher roost up to 3' is good if the have enough space to land. Heavier birds I lowered to 18" because one or two limped after jumping down & landing awkwardly. I always put the nest boxes closer to the ground then the roosts to discourage the hens from sleeping in them. (No one likes poopy eggs)

Good luck with your new flock!

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