My New Ducks and help id please


9 Years
Mar 29, 2010
I bought these as babys 3 Call Ducks and a Runner Duck what colour will it be and also could you tell me what type the Dark Brown Duck is Please.


10 Years
Apr 17, 2009
Kildare, Wisconsin
Okay, your dark brown duck looks like a Dark Campbell - the color is called "Dusky", I have some of them on my website.

I see a White Call duck (duh
) and the other two look "Gray" (Mallard-colored) - or at least one of them does...the other one looks a little different in the last picture, but that might just be the color in the picture or on my monitor.

And then the Runner...there are SO many colors of Runner ducks. Yours looks a lot like my Buff did when he was a juvenile, except mine didn't have eye-stripes (and there are some Dark Campbells in the picture too!):

I want to say yours could be one of the dilute Trouts or Saxony or something. It could just be a random, unnamed color like all the dilute-colored Runner ducklings I just hatched!
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