My new EE's

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  1. Here are 5 of my 6 EE's. Well, of course sold to me by the breeder as Ameraucana's and they did hatch out of light blue eggs, but I'm gonna bet they're EE's. The youngest one didn't make it into the picture, he's probably eating [​IMG]

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    Nov 19, 2008
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    [​IMG] awww, CUTE!
  3. Beautiful little chipmunks!
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    What is the difference between Ameracauna, Aruacana, and EE's? I have Ameracauna's I think, they are a large bird with colored eggs, and they
    have a rump, I automatically thought that thet were aka EE's? Anyway beautiful chicks, they look just like mine did when they were chiks, I also have an order coming in april 14th of Ameracauna's, so if anyone can help with the difference I would appreciate it.
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    From what I understand americaunas have a pea comb, muffs, rumps but most importantly only come in certain colors and only breed true. People on here are very very serious about the difference between americaunas and ees so watch your step [​IMG] . Even if your bird meets all of the above criteria it is an ee if it came from a hatchery and not someone on this site [​IMG]
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    Jul 31, 2008
    OK I am jealous!!!!!! I want EE's so bad....

    but they are adorable [​IMG]

    hopefully I will have my EE's this weekend [​IMG]
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    The bottom line is they all developed from the same birds from South America long before breed standards were developed. Then the breeder clubs and APA developed a standard for breeders to abide by and now breeders get cranky when people "dilute" their breed.

    One thing to remember is that different countries have a different standards so what is one here is not there and vise versa.

    I like the term Easter Egger and usually use it, but I don't get upset if somebody calls them Arucauna or Ameraucana.

    If you want to be politically correct in this country you can visit the APA website and learn what is acceptable for each and what is not.

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