My New Flock


9 Years
Jul 15, 2010



As some of you read, a mountain lion got into my chicken coop in August. It ripped the plywood wall from the bottom and created a giant whole and wiped out my flock of 17 chickens (next time I will actually listen when my dogs start barking. The reason I didn't do it before was because sometimes my dogs will bark for no reason. We found that its better to check than to ignore the whole situation). The reason my username is EElover is because i had 16 Ameruacana chicken and one Speckled Sussex (my free rare breed chicken). My husband built the coop and I put them out in the coop when they were 5 weeks old. Well living in the Rocky Mountains means that mountain lions are very common. They lasted a whole week
. I was very upset but hey you live and learn right? So my husband fixed up the coop with 2x6's horizontally placed up the walls attaching them to the frame and making extra locks on all the doors. Then creating the fence for the run surrounded by an electric fence. Needless to say, I have a chicken coop Fort Knox in my backyard now. Anyways, about a week and a half ago I received my new flock and I'm very excited. These are my new chickens which include 15 Barred Rocks and 1 Ameruacana chicken. Hopefully everything will be good the second time around. Here's hoping!
So glad you're giving it another try! I know that you will enjoy those new babies! Congrats!

Also, just an idea for your predator problem... They make those driveway sensor alerts. Wonder of you could set up one to warn you if anything is snooping around your coop...?

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