My (new )Old West Coop-


Chicken Storyteller
11 Years
May 20, 2008
I'm very pleased with my new coop. I found a picture of what I wanted the coop to look like:

I started planning and drawing things out, then made the hubby take me to Home Depot. He helped with some of the cutting and hammering because I really can't cut straight, and I bend alot of nails - some of them mine. I'm not real great at measuring, either, but I do have to say that after 4 weekends of measuring, cutting, hammering, pulling nails, re-cutting and re-hammering- I'm getting better.


I used fence boards for the siding (which I did almost all of by myself). Hubby used landscaping timber for the porch posts/roof support;

Hubby did the roof. But I framed out and put in the windows!! I made the door, but it didn't fit right for some reason. I re-made the door, and it still didn't fit right. I didn't feel too inadequate, though- Hubby didn't get the door right on the first attempt, either. Something just wasn't cooperating.


I added in 2 vents under the eaves in the front. They look small, but they are almost 2 feet long-one open, one closed:

Did you notice the lantern? We have one hanging on each corner. I'm looking for a wooden barrel(which I will turn into a rainwater catcher) and a few wagonwheels. I'll also add a little "hitching post" Hmm, I wonder if they sell plastic tumbleweeds anywhere?
The back wall isn't sided- I haven't decided if I will or not. I'd rather save the money for the front, where everyone can see it. Once the porch floor was done, I let the babies out. Look how tiny that silkie looks. (That silkie happens to be plywood colored LOL)

More pics to follow, or check it out on
The Lil ole Western Coop Page
Okay - you win! Delmarva Chickenstock/Chickenfest is at your house!!!

(And no, I still haven't gotten past the platform phase on my babies are hanging out in the cap on my man's old, now that you've figured it all out, wanna come help me?!?!?!)


Really, though - your coop is WONDERFUL!!! Amazing job. I'll keep my eye out for plastic tumbleweeds for you. (How about putting up a big ole wooden water tower like they have in the western movies? With all the crazy rain we've had lately you'd probably have it full before you knew it!)


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