My new Polish girl


9 Years
Feb 11, 2010
Vancouver Island, B.C.,
OMG ... I've always loved those ridiculous hairdos ... now I have my own bobble-head hen.
I knew she reminded me of someone, and then it came to me!
Edith Prickley, a character played by Andrea Martin on a 70's comedy called SCTV.
So her new name is Miss Prickley.
Oh I think she's gorgeous ... but ... I also think she is a bit goofy too.
She looks like a bobble- head when she walks and she is quite flighty and aloof. (acts like she's too fancy for her flock) LOL.
I love her though. I love all my chickies.
I have two coops one for the adult hens and the smaller one I use for my nursery. When the chickens are out free ranging I open up both coops up. When I went out this evening to put the chickens up for the evening; Elivira was is the nursey on the roost. I picked her up and moved her afro back so I could see her eyes. She really is a sweet hen, but creepy none the less when you cannot see her eyes!
I have 2 pens also. One (the nursery )is a section of the bigger one (main coop) and I have a broody/mom in there with two hatchlings ( hatched on May 14th)
At what age do you let your young ones start to free range with the older ones?
Does the momma hen protect her babies from the other hens and does she then bring them back to their nursery instead of the big coop?
I have never raised babies with a broody before so I'm not sure how it goes.
I have raised chicks in a brooder and then placed them in the nursery pen until they were about 12 weeks or so before moving them to the big coop.
I would appreciate any advice on integrating momma and babies.

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