My New Pullets don't get along with my current flock

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    Oct 7, 2012
    I have five white leghorns in my flock that I've had since they were six weeks old and my eight new orphingtons pullets do not get along with the others. Is this normal? Will they relax after a while? The pullets have totally kicked my existing flock out of the coop!

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    This is normal. They need time to establish a new pecking order and it involves a little violence. You can try putting the new birds in a large wire dog crate or some other pin that allows the birds to see each other and be "together" without being together for a few days at first to get to know each other. This may help a little but it will not make them instant friends.

    Keep a watchful eye and intervene if you see blood. Remove the injured chicken and wait for her to fully heal before putting her back with the others. Also watch to make sure the older birds are getting to eat. If a bully is guarding the food add a second temporary feeder until their issues are resolved.

    Unfortunately this is their natural social behavior - but they should work it out on their own.

    Look around make make sure you have enough space in the coop, nests and roosts. Overcrowding makes bully way worse.
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