My new quail hutch 8'x3'


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May 13, 2022
I wanted to post my hutch I finished building. It is 8'x3' with a sloped roof. The 8' is divided into two sections, one inside and one enclosed against bad weather. The inner section I'm going to put plywood on the bottom during cold months along with trays for easy cleaning. In the summer I am leaving the bottom wire but have trays on top. Today it was really hot so while changing their bedding I left only one tray in for airflow.

There's a door between them and a handle outside that can be used to open or close this door.

The wire is 1/2" coated PVC, the wood is new and untreated (oh god my pocketbook) low VOC exterior white paint.

I will make some changes next time I build one but that's always how it goes! I'm still figuring out the details of feeding, watering, light. Got some zero-waste quail feeder ports coming from etsy this week.

Thanks for checking this out! I hope it gives you some ideas.

There are 25 birds in there currently though I will probably willow it down to under 20 as the summer goes by. 19 Females and 6 Males.
IMG_20220611_142605_663.jpg IMG_20220611_142620_264.jpg IMG_20220611_142632_132.jpg

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