My new test/Beta version waterer


Aug 22, 2011
Vancouver, WA
I got a little bored today and came up with this after building a pipe feeder last week. Have it sitting in the garage full of water to test it and then will install next week. I think hardest part will be getting it level. I think it will work and holds about 2 gallons.

enter it in the water feeder contest!! look in the forums for contests!!!!
I have extended the vertical tube to about 1" from the bottom of the horizontal trough and by shutting off the top valve and barely having the bottom one open it creates a vacuum, much like the store bought waterers. As the water level drops below the level of the vertical tube opening if refills to that level automatically until it recreates the vacuum. Works great. I refilled it in my garage to test it after gluing it all up and will check on it when I get home from my holiday weekend. Holds close to 2 gallons......
Quote: I knew it must be something like that, but it's just not obvious in the pictures, and anyone who doesn't understand how the vacuum principle works might try to build one that LOOKS like yours but omits that critical detail.

It looks good and should work fine

Quote: If you use it outside, it could go next to a fence post and extend into your run and be filled without entering.
To put it against a wall inside, you may need to rotate your ball valves 90 degrees
I filled it on Wed. of last week and no leaks until I got home on Sunday so I will be installing it on or before the weekend and will keep thread updated......Still not sure if it is going to be a time saver or not..especially during the winter....
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