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    My order from MM was supposed to ship Mon. 4/6 but instead it arrived Sun. 4/5 and the poor babies spent 3 hours out in the cold (37 degrees) before anyone got to the PO to bring them inside. We had 4 die just past the 48 hour cut off MM has for reporting dead babies! [​IMG] Most of these chicks are my kiddos fair chickies. Here are the pics of my survivors.
    This one is a buff laced polish. We ordered 1 roo and 3 pullets. None were marked so we don't know what this one will be. We lost 3 of these. They were to be my son's fair chickens. He's in the Cloverbuds right now because he's only 5.
    These are golden laced polish. We ordered 1 roo and 3 pullets, they sent and extra roo. We lost 1 of these. They are my oldest daughter's chickens. She is in her last year of Cloverbuds.
    These are my son's Mottled Bantam Cochins. They're straight run only.
    Our free mystery chick.
    My grandma's Dominique pullets.
    My baby girl's Barred Bantam Cochins. Also straight run.
    My oldest girl's Partridge Bantam Cochins. Straight run.
    My Bantam EEs. We'll see what color they turn out to be in a few weeks. Also straight run.
    My Standard EEs. Ordered 1 roo and 3 pullets, they sent an extra roo.

    These are our newest from a hatchery but we've got 7 new babies that a hen hatched out yesterday!! [​IMG] She doesn't like for us to mess with her babies so no pics until she gets them out of their nest.[​IMG]

    So we've got the 11 we kept from last years fair chickens, 4 adult ducks from last year, 1 6wk old duckling, 8 7 weeks old chicks hatched out by hen, 7 2 week old ducklings, the 14 2 week old RIR packing peanut that came with the ducklings, 23 4 week old chicks from Ideal (7 ducklings came from them too), 15 chicks hatched out by 3 other hens, 1 hen still on the nest, these 29 and 9 chickies coming from a feed store order along with 5 more ducklings. Then there are the 8 eggs that didn't hatch yesterday that we put in the incubator just in case [​IMG] and 3 developing eggs from the Designer Egg Swap. Plus, I'm on the hunt for some showgirl eggs and the feed store should have their dyed Easter chicks in. Did any of you keep count? I sure didn't. [​IMG]
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    Oh my goodness they are just too cute![​IMG]
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    Feb 15, 2009
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    I feel so bad for your son to lose all but 1 of his. You could always order some from a small order hatchery for him.

    They are all so cute!
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    precious, adorable, angelic, cute and precious again,
  5. Lucky Ducky

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    I had ordered White Crested Blue Polish and Red Crested Red Polish from Ideal that are 4 weeks old already. I offered to replace them or he could have mine to show. He opted to take my blues. [​IMG] What else could I do, it makes him happy. Poor me. [​IMG] Just Kidding! I want 2 other breeds and some meaties this fall, so I could always order more polish, right? [​IMG] Luckily my husband isn't ready to divorce me, yet. [​IMG]
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    McMurray told me they only ship on Saturday -- easier to get space on the airplane that way.

    I won't order from them again just for this reason.

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