my newly hatched chick dont look right :(


9 Years
Jun 3, 2010
hi there.. i had a polish chick hatch..well i left it in the incubator till it was dry but when i went to get it out i noticed its belly is al wet and there is what appears to be a belly cord????and there is blood what is this and is it going to die???? please get back to me asap i have it in with the other newly hatched chicks is that ok also????
It could be some of the yolk has not been absorbed. Is it up and moving around? I had one hatch like this, I kept it in the bator, but in a small dish until all the yolk was gone. It seems ok today. This happened yesterday evening.
i was thinking maybe thats what it was.. its alittle sluggish but when you touch it or another chick bumps into it it will lift its head up and chirp alittle.. i sure hope it dont die on me. i have had a rough time with the incubator this last 2 hatches for some reason.
I have one that just hatched about 10 minutes ago like that. It is loud and tries to be active except for the egg shell still attached to the cord. It's just wait and see at this point. I've read a post here that it did take about 45 minutes for the cord to dry and break away. Hopefully it will take only that long. I have two other eggs pipping now in the same bator.

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