My niece came to visit last weekend - I think we may have another chicken & horse-lover in the makin

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  1. Kelly G

    Kelly G It's like herding cats!

    This is my niece, Sara. She is 8yrs old - and I just love her to pieces! They (my sister, my BIL, my nephew, and Sara) were here for four days...and Sara came with me EVERY time to do barn chores - and she really, really helped!

    Here she is - pink bow and all (I bought it for her at Justice and she wore it ALL WEEKEND!).

    She drives a mean truck -
    [​IMG] many barn chores!!!


    SUCH a good sport!! Even cleaned stalls with me!

    Excellent pony walker!

    pats for SIggy -

    Sara and Ole!

    Get back!!!! Here, we tell ponies when it's okay to approach the food bucket....and not a minute before!

    She loved the kitties, too!



    SUCH a great trip!!! Being an aunt is the BEST!!!
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    Aw! What a cute and good little helper!! [​IMG]
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    So awesome. I think one of the most important things is getting kids interested in this style of living! I think as a culture we are too distanced from our food, energy, etc. and it is important to try and get young people to be involved.
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