My Nigerian dwarf buck & my 11 chickens


Dec 2, 2018
I'm sorry but I need help. My Goat is 6 months old and It looks at times that he is trying to have sex with my chickens. Could this be a real problem? Or am I not seeing wat I am seeing! Help me please, anyone. I'm totally serious!
Thank You,
Mark Da Shark


5 Years
Sep 13, 2016
New Hampshire - USA
Unaltered male goats (bucks) will hump anything at that age. My NG started at 2 months and was relentless. Our poor doeling could barely get away from him and when she did, he'd hump my leg. Do you have other goats? They need at least one other goat buddy. If you're not planning on breeding him I'd get him wethered. It would be better for "everyone" lol. And I'd keep him away from the hens. If he's humping your chickens he could easily injure one since he's so much bigger. Even with being wethered, he may still try to get at em - mine still mounts my female but I think he's just crazy.

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