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Jun 2, 2010
Broken Arrow Oklahoma
This is my old hovabator with forced air and a new incubator Im building. Just getting started on the new design. I was given an aquarium shipping box from a pet store......wired in a light...lined the walls with thermal lining and put in a water bowl area for humidity....Installed a window for viewing. I will add a small pc fan and a thermostat soon....Looking forward to trying out this new creation



There's plenty of space for an egg turner in the new incubator........
That's an excellent way to make a incubator! Let's us know how it works with pictures of your hatch. Thanks for sharing!
This is a fun project ...I will add a wire mesh floor and add vent holes ......I figure the vent holes will let me control the humidity abit better. I will make plugs as well if humidity is lost.

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