my old coop, can I use it for turkeys? pheasants? etc.

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    I've never really had much experience with constructing things like chicken coops but about 4 months ago I decided I really wanted to get chickens. I had little knowledge of chickens back then but I was just so excited about the idea of them I started building a coop without having done the proper research. Now I sit here wishing I had done many things differently and I'm always pondering how to fix or modify my coop. I really don't have enough space for the amount of chickens I desire and after long consideration I'm thinking of just spending a few hundred dollars and building them a new coop altogether. I also feel a bit more experienced with construction and think I could make them a pretty nice little house, a lot nicer than the shanty they are living in now. Ok, I'll get to the point. I have this coop, my first ever real construction project that I did myself(so I don't really want to scrap it), and I was wondering what other possible uses I could have for it. I have been looking at other poultry, namely turkeys and pheasants, and was wondering if this old coop would work or if those birds require something a chicken coop doesn't usually provide.

    Here is the old coop, built out of about 90% recycled materials. It looks a lot different now, mainly because this is an old pic, before it was painted and predator-proofed. It's now safe.


    I was thinking about getting 4 or 5 midget white turkeys for this coop, they are a smaller breed of turkey. I just hope I don't get crazy about turkeys too and end up building them their own brand new house.. anyways thanks for listening.
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    I don't see why not. You'll have to modify the coop a little bit, enlarge the door so turkeys fit into it, and make sure they have a couple of nice perches inside, since they love to perch.

    Also, since chickens can carry blackhead parasite which is fatal to turkeys, either move the whole thing over fresh ground, or clean it out really good and then sterilize the soil underneath with a really strong bleach solution (1 part bleach to 5 parts water) before you put turkeys into it.
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