My oldest chicken died!

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Wise Woman

12 Years
Apr 12, 2011
My Cottage
Dottie was a silver spangled hamburg. We bought her in the summer of 2001 when she was a year old. She was always the smallest chicken we had, but no one ever picked on her. She wasn't a great layer, but she laid eggs up through last summer. She was fine this morning when I fed and watered and then she was just sitting there in her favorite spot dead when I went out to get eggs this afternoon. She had a good long chicken life. Rest in peace Dottie!
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Sorry for your loss.
Wow! She had a good run- 10 years is impressive. I am sorry for your loss.

RIP Dottie. You were obviously loved and well cared for.
A lot has happened since we got Dottie. She has lived in every single coop we have had! She wasn't especially friendly, but was a constant. She has gotten along with every single chicken we have ever had as well. She just went about her business day after day. My daughter was 12 when she picked Dottie out of the sellers pen. She is now 22 and expecting her first baby in August. My how things have changed. We will always love Dottie!
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