My peacock's feathers are a red/deep orange color

Istvan Elekes

Oct 11, 2019
Hi guys, just wanted to ask if it's normal or a more unusual case that my peacock has a red /deep orange color as he's growing his tail feathers back, they look really beautiful and i can't wait to see his tail grow back (he's turning 3 soon where his tail is gonna be at full length and maturity)
The new feathers are very iridescent ... the light comes from left or right ... and the effect is different!
color 1.jpg
New train feathers and humidity will make trains look reddish to purple especially during the winter. Remember the color you see is really just light reflections from the prism of the feather structure. Health and nourishment during the molt will make for better feather structure and color but food color additives will make no difference.

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