my peahen is digging holes in the ground? WHY?


14 Years
Feb 2, 2009
My peahen (4yrs) is digging holes a little larger than a baskett ball every where in the pen! WHY? its sort of annoying lol... how can i stop it?

lol im new and she's never done it befor inn the last 3 months?
If there pens are full of snow with no dirt showing she could also be looking for dry ground, normally when my Peahens dig holes they are looking for a nesting place or Dirt bath. When it snows here it only last for a day or two.
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she digs most of the holes inside the coop in the hay/straw/woodshavings only a few outside...

and i caught her a few minuts a go sitting on a few hens eggs
Sound like she is getting ready to lay.....setting on eggs, they like to lay were they layed their last egg. hole digging more like dust bath ,
thanks every one
Also durring the winter my birds were really digging up the whole pen, even the males. I think they were trying to find bugs and grass and since they couldn't find any they were trying to find them all over the pen. And/or it could be that she is searching for a nesting place too.

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