my pea's


11 Years
Oct 13, 2010
iv have always been intrested in peafowl and in the last 2 years iv finally been able to get my hands on a few and planning to get more soon
so heres the pea's i have so far
my three adults

my youngest one

romeo my first peacock

my female and chick
i have and L shaped pen thats about 6 1/2 feet tall and about 400 sq feet all together but wen i let them out during the day to free range i live on 10 acers so its all free to them
I also love your pied peahen. How do you go about free-ranging them durring the day? Our place is 10 acres also but it is a long and narrow 10 acres and I have heard of several people who just let them out for a while but mainly keep them penned so I am interested in it. How do you get them back in the pen? Do you go through a lot of trouble getting them back in? I have also really been interested in peafowl and was glad to finally get some (I have 5).
i always feed and water them only in their pen and i leave the gate open during the day so they come and go as they please and wen i shut the gate at night they are always on their roost in their pen and i never have a difficult time with them i just started letting the chick rome freely- so i guess the best way to explain it is they kno were to come to be safe and have food and water wne the want

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