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    Hi! I have noticed some moving around in the pecking order going on with my flock of 5 hens. I got some Buff Opinions almost 2 years ago in April, and when i joined them with my older hens (both 5 years) The pecking order has been like this:

    Highest hen: Tweeter (5 year old Austrolorp hen)
    2ND Highestt: Feathery (5 year old barred rock hen)
    Next hen: Little Jerry (1 year old Buff Orpington Hen)
    next: Little Buff ( 1 year old Buff Orpington hen)
    bottom of pecking orderr: Sunshine (1 year old buff Orpington hen)

    I have always liked to watch the pecking order, and have been watching it since my first group of chickens (2 have passed away, at 3 and 4 yrs, and Tweeter, Feathery were part of that flock.) After the older hens adjusted to the new chickens, they settled on who pecked who and who was cool and who was not and who got to eat first. The older hens let one of the other hens, Little Buff, into their group. They sorta were friends, but Little Buff only pretty much got to eat first with them, while Feathery and Tweeter went off and did their own thing.Pretty Much all Summer. Tweeter got broody, then she stopped. Little Buff got broody and then Tweeter did too, but she wasn't as committed, she just sat in the nest box because Little Buff did. During this time i would take Them both out of the nest box and out to get some fresh air. They would Squawk and cluck and complain but i would rather have them out than in that hot crowded nest box. yuck! Little Buff would come over and cluck and rant at Little Jerry and Little Jerry would peck the obnoxious broody hen, then she would make weird noises at Little Jerry and walk away.

    Fall came and it was the same for the most part, it stayed the same. Except the older ones lost their confidence during a molt.They remained at the top though.

    When Winter came all the chickens would like to huddle on the deck, and they would get treats and food. But, the older hens have less confidence. Little Buff is hogging the food and the old hens are backing off. Little Buff is pecking at Feathery. Little Jerry seems like she is still above Little Buff, but also still under Feathery and Tweeter, Sunshine is still at the bottom, What do you think this will end up as? Will Little Buff take the spot as lead hen?
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  2. I think, I AM TOTALLY CONFUSED !!!![​IMG]

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    LOL me too :)
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    Jul 19, 2016
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    the pecking order is changing a lot, and i'm wondering if Little Buff is gonna take over and be the lead hen, pushing the older hens down, or she is just a hungry fat chicken that scared the old ones [​IMG]
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  7. Still confused...Stop using the names of the Birds and explain the issue please in simple terms.....


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    Gary from Idyllwild Ca here
  9. We do not see or know your birds by name.......Very confusing....
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    i'm writing it over right now

    its not really that important, i'm just a curious random person.

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