My pet duckling keeps on falling


Mar 27, 2018
I have a pet duckling around two weeks old, I bought him from a breeder who had the feathers on his wings cut off.
He is very wobbly and shaky, could walk a couple of steps before falling off. He's very brave and tries to keep up and I help him by putting my hands as guidance.
But for a couple of days now, he keeps on falling off on his back and has a hard time standing again.
His temperature seems a bit high too comparing to when I first got him.
I can't afford a vet right now so any advice would be a big help!
Maybe his feathers weren't cut as they are pretty short on ducklings. Do you have a pic?
What is the duckling eating? Is it available at all times? Access to clean water?
You could add niacin to his diet. Also, save-a-chick vitamins and probiotics to a separate dish of water.
Hi, welcome to BYC! :frow

Sorry your duckling is having trouble.

Why would feathers be "cut" off on a duckling? Their wings are ALREADY so short (and cute) in the first place. :confused:

Please, what are you feeding including treats and supplements? Do you know the breed?

Hope the babe pulls through! :fl
Some scovy breeders cut the tip of there wings off so they can't fly away… like the wing part… skin, bone and all… it may be that, or yea what Soon2BChixMom said they do have short wings when young...

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