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  1. So, I decided to to get rid of the kiddie pool, and put in one of those prelined ponds, ( had one I wasn't using anymore) for my one and only duck, Pickels. I thought it would give my chicken area a little bit of a nicer look. Anyway, who knew I would have so many assistants! My one hen, Peach, a White Rock, would not get her head out of the way, while I was digging with the shovel. She was so intent on getting those fresh worms with each shovel of dirt, that she dang near got her head whacked a few times! I literally had to shove her away about 4 times! Pickles, my duck, of course had to come check things out, and in her ever so graceful manner, fell in the hole, where the pond was going, and could barely get her chunky butt out. I didn't think to get pics of them messing around the hole, so I didn't get any of Peach, the one that had her head in the wrong places, but here are some pics of the "helpers" once the pond was in. (didn't have all the stones in place yet.) Sorry the pics are a little fuzzy, they were taken with my phone.

    Here's a pic of my dog, Olyvia with the girls. Normally, the dogs aren't allowed in the chicken yard. However, Olyvia and the neighbors dog "fence fight" and it is just easier to have her in there with me, while I'm in there working. Last time they fought through the fence, Lyv cut her foot on a ceramic pot she had broke in the process, and it took 2 weeks of house confinement before it would heal. It was a very deep cut, but in the wrong spot for stitches. That was real fun. [​IMG] Anyway, she's grown up to be such a wonderful dog.
    Just thought I would share. Thanks for looking!!
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    It's so nice to get help with the yardwork, isn't it?

    Imp- [​IMG]
  3. Quote:Whether you want it or not [​IMG]
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    Adorable.. I love when my girls 'help' me.. Makes me smile..Please post pictures when you are complete..

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    I am not trying to be a party pooper but watch your chickens very carefully if they have access to this pond. We had a similar one for our geese and the chickens would try to lean over and drink out of it. (despite autofilling waterers all over the yard) One pullet fell in and we found her swimming for her life. The sides were too steep and she could not get out. I dried her off with a blow dryer and kept her in the house over night. Unfortunately, before we could fence off the pond she fell in again. I found her drowned the next morning.

    I know a lot of people have kiddie pools and the like in with their chickens and ducks and geese. I never dreamed this would happen.
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    The only thing you're missing is turkeys. They are great help! [​IMG]
  7. Quote:I completely share your concern. It's not in the pics, because I hadn't put it in yet, but I have an additional step put in. Since my duck is a Pekin, aka, chunky monkey, I had concerns that she would have a hard time getting out. Even though there are built in steps in this pond, the distance from those to the surface was still more than that of the kiddie pool, and she kind of had a hard time with that. The step is a few inches below the surface, so she, as well as any chicken (hopefully) should be able to get out easily. I've witnessed my duck getting out, and she does it effortlessly. Not something I can say about most of the things she does. [​IMG] We have had some really nasty rainy and windy weather, but I will post some pics as soon as I can get out there and take some without drowning. [​IMG]

  8. Here are some pics of the final product. Not the most extravagant set up, but I like it better than the blue pool that stuck out like a sore thumb. [​IMG] We have had alot of rain lately, so unfortunately, the ground has not yet been able to recover from having dirt piled on it. Looks pretty beat up. Doesn't help that the chickens keep scratching at it, because of the fresh dirt that was on it. You can see the little step I put it. I've seen my duck use it, she does so very easily.

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    How funny!!! I know having to work around the girls and guy how helpful they were! (our Roo named "Cogburn" (which we should have named "Randy" lol) actually mated a hen on my DH's leg...LOL). We have finally finished the coop/hen house/run...I will post pictures elsewhere. Anyway...(again, I digress) Nice the step!!! Good JOB!!!

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