My poor new chicken.

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    I had two chickens, one was bullying the other. I followed the advice and added two new chickens. I brought in older larger chickens. Sadly the newest largest chicken is getting picked on by the other three.
    They don't allow her to eat the scratch I throw in the run... they seem to always chase her away and nip at her.
    They are all fairly young chickens. My first two are 19 weeks old and my two news ones I was told are 22 weeks. (I've had the new ones for two weeks now)
    Any advice would be much appreciated!!

    P.S. I was told my two new ones were laying... I haven't got an egg yet from the one that is being picked on! She's a Rhode Island Red.

  2. First off you just introduced the new birds...Stress is a big factor to Chickens...They do not handle stress well at all..Reason for no eggs yet....Pecking order can take weeks to establish with Chickens...As long as no blood is shed, do not interfere in the natural process...Looks mean to you...They know what they are doing....

    Sit back and let them figure things out....Believe me the pecked or chased hen is fine...Bottom of the pecking order...

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    Ditto Dat^^^ as long as the low bird is getting enough to eat and drink they should work it out.
    You have a pretty small space(shown in your avatar), that can add to the stress and make integration harder, crowding can be a long term stressor.
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  4. Just touching base to see how you are making out?
    Hope things have gotten more stable...?

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