My poor sweet girl...I think this may be her end. Eggbound and Prolapsed HELP!


May 12, 2015
My heart is just sad...

Our girl is about 5-ish months old (she was a rescue so we aren't 100% sure) Vivian is a Cornish Cross that had jumped off the truck on the way to processing.

She is totally egg bound. Hubs has done all of the things with KY that are normally recommended to confirm this. He said the egg feels crushed. We've tried a warm bath, plenty of lube, assisting holding her up so she can push. She's so weak, she only stands to push. She's able to get out very little feces and now she is bleeding a little. Not a lot of blood, but it's blood nonetheless. He said the egg feels like it is very low as opposed to being right there ready to come out.

When I ran home from work to check on her at lunch, it's obvious that she is prolapsed. It was covered in feces, so I wiped her gently with a cool washcloth and she still just protrudes. She won't let me near her to help remove anything so I have to wait until hubs is with me to hold her.

She's now to the point where she will barely eat or drink. She lays for a bot, then stands and makes the saddest noises trying to push. It just exhausts her. I'm just not sure what else to do for her. Any advice?

Thanks y'all
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Honestly, the best thing you can do is put her out of her misery. It totally sucks, but that's just what it comes down to sometimes. I mean, you can take her to a vet for surgery if you have one that works on chickens, but that's going to cost a LOT and the life expectancy for meat birds is never good.
so sorry. My heart is breaking for you and your girl. I am so worried about things like this happening and my girls haven't even started laying yet. I have no advice since I am a new chicken owner but just wanted to let you know how sorry am I you are having to go through this.
Thanks y'all. Last night was a doozie!

Hubby came home prepared with more gloves, Preparation H, small surgical forceps, and a LOT of patience.

We "worked" on her for almost 2 hours. Slowly but surely. He removed as much of the blockage as he could and then we helped her when she pushed. The blockage was as big as a large egg but was only bits of shell, blood and feces clumped together like cement. It was awful, but she only seemed in pain when she strained to push. She was totally calm and only clucked at us once during the entire ordeal. Afterwards, we gave her a good warm Epsom salt bath soak and applied more Preparation H to the prolapse (which thankfully had already returned mostly inward). We allowed her only water overnight but kept her in a dark room to allow her to rest. Before we cut the lights out she FINALLY was able to poop on her own!! That hasn't happened much in the past few days.

This morning she is standing and was eager to eat so we fed her a tiny bit, left her water for her, and gave her some light for a few hours. When I go home for lunch we'll see if she's been peeing/pooping and how she did with her breakfast. I was thankful to see her protrusion was gone and no bleeding this morning. Plus she had pooped/peed a couple times in the night.

I know we aren't out of the woods yet but seeing her doing better today made me smile. Hubs and I explained to the kids that she very well could still die, but we know that we made her a little more comfortable before hand if she does. I know I wouldn't want to die all impacted

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