My poorly Scruffy Chicken

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    Jan 15, 2008
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    Hi guys, help needed!!!!
    I found this chicken wondering around the main road where I live over a year ago? I teachers her, she was nearly bald all over and she has gone from strength to strength and I must say she is the friendliest chicken I ever had? She let's me do anything with her and I adore her? Last couple of days she looks really sick and not eating? Think she has sour crop or impacted cop? Keeps doing really snakey things with her neck and shaking her head? Have tried bringing her in the kitchen and feeding her on her own for a few days then she goes back to the hen house? Was so worried I would wake up on Monday and find her gone? But she rallies on!! Tonite I came home and she was sitting in the garden trying to peck up stuff which didn't seem to be going down?!
    Anyway, unlocked her up and as I tipped her up all this fluid and crappy bits came out of her beak? I massaged her user her neck which is very skinny and mrs came up? She looked happier and has now gone to bed? Someone on here has said fish oil will help? I have drained a few cod liver capsules and got them in a syringe ready for the morning? I did massage her neck as suggested by one of your Help guys? Can you tell me will cod liver oil be ok? He used fish or Krill oil capsule, if so, how much in a syringe? I am using a plastic medicine syringe with 5ml/ 10 ml etc on side please HELP? She is my favourite girl!!! She has come back from near death when I found her! And she means a lot to me

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