My poultry order and the best hatcheries to get them out.

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    I have a big poultry project planned in 6-8 years. It contains 50 hens, 5 roosters, 27 ducks, 9 drakes, 6 geese, and 6 ganders. Needless to say, that's a lot of birds. I could easily get that many birds at a decent price from a good hatchery. The problem was the breeds I wanted. Here's the list of the ones I'm planning to get.

    My Future Poultry Number and Breeds
    Chickens Total Number: 50 hens, 5 Roos
    Buff Orpington Hen 10
    Black Australorp Hen 3
    Golden Laced Wyandotte Hen 2
    Silver Laced Wyandotte Hen 2
    Rhode Island Red Hen 2
    New Hampshire Hen 3
    Easter Egger Hen 2
    Blue Cochin Hen 2
    Barred Plymouth Rock Hen 2
    White Leghorn Hen 2
    Partridge Plymouth Rock Hen 2
    Blue Laced Red Wyandotte Hen 2
    Speckled Sussex Hen 2
    White Jersey Giant Hen 2
    White Orpington Hen 2
    Black Jersey Giant Hen 2
    Delaware Hen 2
    Buckeye Hen 2
    Welsummer Hen 2
    Buff Wyandotte Hen 1
    Buff Plymouth Rock Hen 1
    Buff Orpington Rooster 1
    New Hampshire Rooster 1
    Rhode Island Red Rooster 1
    Delaware Rooster 1
    Black Jersey Giant Rooster 1
    Ducks Total Number: 27 Ducks, 9 Drakes (Approximately)
    Buff Orpington Drake 1
    Buff Orpington Duck 1
    Khaki Campbell Drake 1
    Khaki Campbell Duck 1
    Rouen Drake 1
    Rouen Duck 1
    Welsh Harlequin Drake 1
    Welsh Harlequin Duck 1
    Tri-Color Ancona Drake 1
    Tri-Color Ancona Duck 1
    French White Muscovy Drake 1
    French White Muscovy Duck 1
    Assorted Muscovy Drake 3
    Assorted Muscovy Duck 3
    Pekin Duck 2
    Blue Swedish Duck 2
    Black Swedish Duck 2
    Cayuga Duck 2
    Fawn & White Runner Duck 2
    Chocolate Runner Duck 2
    Blue Runner Duck 2
    Black Runner Duck 2
    Silver Appleyard Duck 2

    Geese Total Number: 6 Geese, 6 Ganders (approximately)
    Sebastopol Gander 1
    Sebastopol Goose 1
    Buff Gander 1
    Buff Goose 1
    African Gander 1
    African Goose 1
    Tufted Toulouse Gander 1
    Tufted Toulouse Goose 1
    Canada Geese (Straight Run) 4

    Sorry it looks so messy, it looks nicer on Microsoft Word. Either way you can see the diversity. I'm going to list the hatcheries that have the breeds I want. The grand total of this project is approximately $1008.62. I'm also going to tell you all the hatcheries that I'm getting it from (feel free to change my mind). These hatcheries have these qualities that I'm looking for: Good reviews, good selection, and good-decent pricing. Now here are those hatcheries, and I'll list what I'm planning to spend there.

    Chickens Hatchery
    15 chickens- $71.75
    15 chickens (Includes roosters)- $63.27
    25 chickens-$92.00
    Total Chickens: 55- $227.02
    Ducks and Geese (Shipping Together) Hatchery
    24 ducks, 4 geese- $375.60
    4 geese (Canada) $220.00
    6 Muscovy Ducks- $57.00
    6 ducks- $129.00
    Total Ducks and Geese: 36 ducks, 12 geese: $781.60
    Grand Total: $1008.62

    p.s. None of this is confirmed yet just to tell you. And the price isn't even reflecting how much I'll have to spend on a chicken coop, duck coop (african geese will be in here to protect them), Muscovy duck coop, and separate pens for my pairs of Buff, Sebastopol, Canada, and Tufted Toulouse geese.

  2. I am curious about why you would pick so many single birds from so many breeds............
  3. marvun22

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    Jul 8, 2012
    North Dakota
    How do I have single birds? I have at least 2 of everything.
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    As I see it you are going to have hens of many breeds and roosters of a few breeds? So unless many of the hens are just for egg production and not for breeding purposes, then you will going forward have crossbreds for the most part. If you believe this is a good way to produce hens that will lay well due to hybrid vigor, then perhaps you are on a reasonable track.
    Perhaps it is simply that you like all these breeds and can't do without them? I would suggest to you that once you have more chickens than you really want to keep it will be more difficult to get rid of xbreds than pure bred birds. If you do notplan to eat the excess yourself or are not near an ethnic population that will use them you may be building a problem for yourself?
  5. marvun22

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    Jul 8, 2012
    North Dakota
    precisely, I'm not going to be a breeder. And I'm not going to let anyone hatch anything.

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