My predator proof pheasant run

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    Jan 12, 2008
    With many predators in my area, I have lost many birds in the past. While the run looks to be cheaply made, it is very effective. I was more concerned to keep my birds safe rather than making a show piece. Although ugly, this is how I set this up.
    The bottom of the run is made from discarded corrugated tin roofing. This deters raccoons from reaching through the wire and grabbing a bird while also keeping them from climbing up the sides of my run. This also keeps the pheasants more calm if a predator decides to walk around the run. Above this is 1" chicken wire. The top netting is 1" knotted netting. The knotted netting is much stronger than braided netting and is only a few dollars more. I have had raccoons rip through the braided netting in the past and kill 24 birds before ripping another hole to get out. The extra money for braided netting is sure worth the extra cost.
    I haven't had a bird loss to predators in three years now since setting up this run. This might not be the perfect solution to all predators but it has worked well for me. I am always open to suggestions from other pheasant breeders to make the run better.
    Let me know what you think of this set-up.[​IMG]
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    The run looks great. I have a similiar set-up. Just put swimming pool wall, cut in half length-wise (25" height) around the perimeter for just the same reason. Lost a female red-golden pheasant to a coon grabbing her through the fence. If she moved over 6 inches it wouldn't have gotton her. [​IMG] Good luck and they look great.

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