My pullet wont open her eyes. Has watery eyes and beak. Any ideas?

Sorry you're having to deal with this.

I agree that the store should've at least refunded you & apologize, of course they're trying to admit no wrong!😡

I'm glad you're close to that Necropsy Lab in Tulare. :hugs
I'm in close contact with the lab.. Nice people, but the chicken isn't dead yet. Too late in the day to take her in there. The staff told me exactly what to do, before, during, and after she passes away. Its really all I can do for now, except pray for a miracle!:confused:
Are you going to drop her off at the lab?
I cant tonight. they close, But I'm gonna chicken sit her over the long weekend. And keep giving her the recommended meds. Tube feed and water her. And if she passes over the weekend, I will bring her body into the lab on Tuesday, at their request. It's really all I can do now. But now more than ever practice cautious bio-security. I do have many other hens to watch over.
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