My pullets wont come out of the coop! HELP!!


11 Years
Sep 18, 2008
I got 2 barred rock and 1 araucana last sunday, they were born July 22. All they do is stay pearched. If I put them out they will scratch around for awhile then go back in the coop. Are they cold? Or are they just not used to the new surroundings? These are my first birds so I just don't know.
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They probably are cold. What's the weather like where you live? Did you hatch them or get them recently?

Can you post some pictures? I don't know if they would be fully feathered by now (still new to chickens myself).

anyway, just wanted to respond. Hopefully others will have some good advice.
mine stayed in their coop for almost a week, until i started locking them out for a while and then feeding them treats out in their yard. they were just nervous with the new surroundings. Im sure once they realize that they arent going to be somebody's dinner if they go out, they will start staying out longer. Mine still spend quite a lot of time in their coop. I think they take a siesta every day...
I live in north central massachusetts. It has been a little cool here lately so maybe they are cold. My wife told me my expectations are to high for them.
They're still kids and getting their bearings. i would give them time to get comfortable with their new coop. Chickens are creatures of habit and take comfort in things always staying the same - at least mine are that way.

If you want to encourage them out, perhaps put some yummy treats outside the door, like mealworms? Perhaps trailing the treats out and away from the door? Just a thought.
We moved our girls from their box in the laundry room to their new coop around age 18 weeks. We kept the door closed for the first few days, as we had a late spring/early summer cold snap. Once the door was open to the run, it took the girls about a week to come out of their coop on their own, besides the occasional peek out the door. The first one out was actually pushed out by her sisters (or "volunteered.") After another day or two, they seemed to realize all is well, and now only venture inside at night or when they're ready to lay.

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