My Quail Eggs Aren't Hatching!!!!!!


7 Years
Apr 22, 2013
I have a problem! I have thirty bobwhite quail eggs in my incubator. It is now the end of day 24 of incubation, and they have all pipped the shell, starting yesterday morning. But now it is 8:00 the next day, and none of them have done anything else! They are just sitting there!
I don't know what to do about it!!!! Every once in a while I'll see a wiggle, but nothing more! I have the humidity and temperatures just as they are supposed to be, but nothings happening!!!! I'm going to die!!! This is my first batch of eggs ever and i am sooo nervous!!! what do I do?????? why aren't they doing any thing????
They might just need more time. I can't remember but I think most eggs hatch within 2 if not 3 days of pipping. If they are still moving its likely fine, have they zipped yet? If not then that's a good sign and its less likely they are stuck than if they had zipped and can't get out.
Hopefully someone more knowledgable will come along, and good luck with your eggs!
Yay! you were right! I woke up this morning at three o' clock to the sound of loud chirping! I look over, and there's five baby birds in my incubator! We now have 18 birds in there, and still counting! I was so worried, but now they all look fine! thanks for your help!

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