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    I have a total of six. I got three (2 females and one male) from the LA chickenstock. They are of unknown age and pedigree. One female and the male is all white so I am assuming Cals but not sure if they are full. The other female is also white but with a greyish nose and ears. So I am assuming a mix of Cal and NZ. They were supposedly bred in Early November. But because they all came home in one cage I am unsure if they got rebred or if they are bred at all. They don't look bigger. I think I will wait till about a month after the chicken stock to rebreed them. I paid 12 bucks each.

    I also got a trio from a Mississippi breeder. He routinely shows and has won a few awards. I got two Cal does and a NZ buck. They are all registered cause they came with numbers and are tattooed. The male was born in April and the females in July and in August. I paid 20 each

    The difference is very slight I feel like the Mississippi bunnies are heavier although they look smaller and I think they are younger. They feel denser. The male is definitely heavier. I am glad I got the two sets that way if a girl won't produce well then.... to freezer camp... and I think the LA freezer camp.

    I built my own hutches. I bought the cages from Bass they are all 30 x36. This should give them enough room to move around and be happy. I then built a structure to keep them off the ground and out of the sun. There are three cage to each structure. The structure was built out of recycled wood. and the roof in the undulating plastic stuff. Not sure it will hold up in a hurricane though.

    Well Thank for all your guys is help.... I will post more when I get babies....
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    Congratulations on the new bunnies. I use to raise them when I was younger.
    New Zeland (SP) whites are all white. They do not have any other color on them. If they do that is a disqualification. Californian and Himalayen(SP) are white with tinted nose, feet and ears. The tinting can be various colors.
    If they where bred in early november then they will have there babies (kits if I remember right) in early december. Gestation is 30 days give or take a few. A few days before she has the babies she will pull out her belly fur and make a nest for the babies.This gives you some idea that new babies will be there shortly!

    Good luck with your new bunnies
  3. I have an american chinchilla doe that I bred Nov. 8th so when she is about 3 weeks from that date I will try feeling her abdomen to see if I feel lumps down there. If I do then (that is if I do it right) I will know she needs a nest box for sure.
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    like other posters said all white nz, white with black or Grey nose and ears Cal. sounds like the rabbits will have lots of room my nz live in 30x30 and 28x30 there is room for them to be happy but i would love to get the 30x36 for the does but ive just started. and the cages were cheep figured they will be buck cages and fryer and grow out cages later. I bought a doe and had her breed on the 14th so if all goes well im hoping for kits around Dec 13 good luck hope you get some babys in a month

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