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    Apr 1, 2011
    I started with someone giving me an EE roo. I was so happy with him. Hearing him in the morning. Afternoon. Up til about 5 pm actually. Then Someone else I know, insisted I needed a trio they had. Ok. It's only 3 more. Now I have eggs!!! [​IMG] Then one night while I couldn't sleep,, I started thinking. I used to have chickens 20 some years ago. I'm in the country...I have land...why not get a few. [​IMG]

    I found a lady who had Silkie chicks. I used to have those and loved them. So I called her and she said she only had a few left. I rushed to her place and bought the last 5. [​IMG] I had them all set up in the brooder and took pics like crazy. (that could be the reason one of them is a little "different" I think I almost scared it to death.) This was all in March.

    April hits and my regular feed store didn't have what I needed so I went to TSC. I got what I needed and heard the lovely sound of chicks. I was just going to take a peek. Well I peeked and left with 6 little fuzzies. A few weeks later I happened to be close to there again and the pull of "just looking" made me turn in. I went and looked and left with 7 fuzzies and 2 bags of shavings. [​IMG]

    Now the hens I had gotten are OEG and not very good mothers I was told (not the breed just these hens). One went broody and then the other one did. These are evil little girls. They never got much attention before me and are in general, sweet until sitting on eggs. The eggs hatched a few days ago and we had a nasty storm this morning and for some reason the hens went out in it and the fuzzies followed. My bil came and told me there were a group of babies out in the storm in a mud puddle. [​IMG] So I ran out and got them and brought them in and put them in my extra brooder. Now I have 7 more in the house. I have taken over 2 rooms. The dining room and the living room. [​IMG] Since my EE roo kept getting into where my hens are, the chicks are EE and OEG mix. They are so darn cute.

    My inlaws are having a blast with the chicks. Every morning my fil gets up and visits with each one. My mil usually has something about chicks as her status on FB. Any one on the phone has to explain what all the noise is which has led to several people getting interested in having a few chickens.

    I am a wee bit behind with building a larger coop. My inlaws already have a list of chicks they want next spring. And my poor husband is hearing about all of this in phone calls and letters. The poor man is expecting to find a chicken in a chicken diaper in our bed when he comes home. The military may have prepared him for a lot of things but I don't think they prepared him for chicken addiction. But he is good natured and says he can not wait to come home and meet the gang. Especially Molly, who is usually on my shoulder pecking the phone when he calls.
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    Apr 22, 2011
    So enjoyed reading your story! It gave me a big smile. [​IMG]
  3. sunny & the 5 egg layers

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    Mar 29, 2011
    I enjoyed reading your story as well [​IMG]
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    Oct 8, 2009
    [​IMG] loved the story. Chicken addiction is so fun.

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