my rare harlequin quail are laying


8 Years
Jul 21, 2011
east taunton
im very excited i think they will be fertile i saw the male breeding with her.
where can i get them? i can never find anyone selling eggs or breeders. quaillady do you have success breeding them? maybe eggs in the future? BTW( my scarlets and tibettans are doing great. as well as the little buttons that we have laughing away in MY BEDROOM)
they are funny little birds. some are yours and some are shellyds. most are cinnamons one normal RB and maybe a cinnamon bluefaced? ill have to take pictures and post them.
as well as our MEGA egg we just got from an A&M hen this thing is the size of a leghorn pullet egg. unreal.
What took them so long?Mine have been laying like crazy.Snyd08,I have a weeks worth of eggs if you'd like them.PM me your address and I will ship them out this mon.
In N.H.,Tony.
Can we see a pic of these birds, I would like to check them out see what they look like.
I have some on my website. I need to work on those pages a bit since eggs are available now. I keep them in pairs since they pair bond in breeding season.

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